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Mt. Hood National Forest

45.3736° N, 121.6960° W

About Me

I'm just a geek who enjoys building things and spending time outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. When I'm not hunkered down at my desk writing code, you can find me camping with my best bud, Luca, or riding the dunes along the Oregon coast.

My passion for technology and software development began a young age, during a time when I was admittedly spending too much time playing videogames. After nearly mastering a game by the name of RuneScape, I became fascinated with the underlying mechanism that made it all possible - the code. Around the same time Apple had released the App Store for iOS, opening up many doors for independend developers to mobile application development. I went on to learn about Objective-C and Swift, UIKit, application lifecycle, debugging, memory management & reference counting, and much more. I've been fascinated by computer science and software development ever since.

Software Engineer

  • Birthday: September 27, 1995
  • Hometown: Los Gatos, CA
  • Hobbies: Traveling, Camping, Photography & Motorsports

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Ideas for projects regularly come to mind, and sometimes the idea is compelling enough for me invest the time into building it. Not only does this serve as a creative outlet for me, but it also allows me to continue learning, exploring and implementing new things in the fantastic world of software development.


Software Engineer, InEight

Portland, OR

2020 - 2023
  • Developed and maintained the production iOS application
  • Large Objective-C legacy codebase re-written in Swift utilizing Apple's latest API's
  • Regular contributions to UI, ranging from bug fixes to new feature implementations
  • Implemented automated, configurable UI tests in collaboration with the QA team
    • JSON configuration objects as mock data
    • UI tests consumed JSON configuration objects and ran tests against the UI
    • Resulted in our QA team being able to independently run more granular and complex test cases against the test suite
    • Continuously integrated using Gitea & Team-City
  • MVC architecture, adopting more of a MVVM architecture during the Swift migration
  • Heavy use of LLDB for debugging
  • Git CLI via Terminal & Git Sub-Modules

Software Engineer & Co-Founder, CarMeets

2017 - 2020

Los Angeles, CA | Seattle, WA | Portland, OR

  • 100,000+ downloads
  • Lead in the design of the our mobile applications in accordance with Apple's Human Interface Guidelines & Google's Material Design Guidelines
  • Developed, deployed and maintained the native iOS mobile application
    • Written purely in Swift with the exception of Objective-C dependencies
    • UIKit & AutoLayout using programmatic layout constraints
    • MVC architecture
    • Cocoapods dependency management
    • Continuous integration using Jenkins
  • Deployed, scaled and maintained the back-end service and databases
    • NodeJS & Express hosted on auto-scaling, load-balanced AWS EC2 instances
    • MongoDB NoSQL databases
    • AWS S3 for storage
  • Managed multiple source code repositories and facilitated code review cycles

Jr. Software Engineer, Resilinc

2016 - 2017

Milpitas, CA

  • Developed the initial Resilinc mobile app for native iOS
  • Influenced the UI & UX design for mobile
  • Implemented integrations with the SalesForce REST API
  • Managed the mobile team's GIT repository & contributed to peer code review

Contact Me

I'd love to hear from you, inquiries of all types are welcome!